The Nature of Our Challenge

"If you don't tell a child the truth, they wake up each morning looking for a world that doesn't exist. If you don't give them hope, they have no reason to look for any world at all."

 - Hildegard Messenbaugh, MD


Each year it’s reported that more than 3 million children are abused annually. That means a child experiences the terror of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse every 10 seconds. With statistics like these, it's safe to say that child abuse has truly reached epidemic proportions. 

The tragedy of childhood trauma is not only the initial impact, but also how it leaves these 3 million young people with the scars of abuse for years to come. The truth is, children as well as teens are left with a variety of mental health issues and behavioral problems that impact their ability to function in classrooms, at jobs, and within society as a whole. The battle against child abuse is daunting, as is the work to help children and teens pick up the pieces of a life disrupted by trauma. Although this reality seems insurmountable, Third Way Center continues its mission to transform and improve the lives of teens impacted by horrific events.

Third Way Center’s experienced mental health professionals offer teens a pathway towards healing through our unique Six Boxes© Treatment Methodology. While other organizations focus on changing the behavior of teens, Third Way Center focuses on identifying the trauma they have endured in order to create new behavior patterns and ways of being. Once enrolled in our Residential Child Care Facilities (RCCF), teens are finally given an opportunity to reconcile the past so they can build better futures for themselves and their future families.




In 2013, 93% of teens came to Third Way Center with a history of abuse or severe neglect 

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