Success Stories

The Kyncl Family

"I vow to take care of you to the best of my ability. That doesn't change because life gets difficult." These are the powerful words of strength and courage of Diane and Russ Kyncl, mother and father of Matt Kyncl, a former resident of Third Way Center.

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On August 29th, 1969 a 14-year-old girl gave birth to a premature baby boy. In the beginning, this young woman was able to care for her baby with the help of her mother. However, within the first three years of her baby’s life her mother passed away, leaving her to fend for her own life as well as the life of her son, Mark.

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Austen's Story

Now a student at MSU Denver, Austen reflects back on her journey and where she is today.

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Reflections of Success: Brendan's Journey

"I will never regain my lost childhood and nothing will make up for those painful early years of my life, but every day I’m living to my potential, working to make our community a better place, and helping to give the teens at Third Way Center a chance to follow in my footsteps." -Brendan

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Yasmine: The Long Road Home

Yasmine was good at hiding in plain sight. Thirteen-years of living with a drug addicted mother will do that to just about anybody. Over time her grades began to slip, and she slowly stopped walking home with her friends. Third Way Center helped set her on a different route.

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Jean: Law Student, Wife, & Mother of Three

Meet Jean, former Third Way Center resident. She is 30 years old, a law student at Denver University (hoping to focus her law career on criminal and juvenile law), a wife of seven years and a mother of three children. Third Way Center was a new beginning for Jean and since her stay here, she has worked hard to be happy and successful.

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Aaron: Senior Grants Officer and Coach

Aaron is a former Third Way Center resident who came from a broken home and a community struggling with gang violence. He’s now a successful grant writer, coach, and family man.

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Robert: Supervisor & Fine Arts Student

Meet Robert, he’s a twenty-one year old fine arts major at Metro State, who also works full-time at his on-campus job in the supervisory role of Parking Coordinator. Not long ago he was a resident at Third Way Center. As a teen, Robert was having legal and family issues and was living with several different family members. Finally, at the age of 17 he was placed at Third Way Center by the Department of Human Services. He moved into our Pontiac House initially, then to our Lincoln Street Apartments, and finally to our after-care program, Next Steps, where he discharged successfully.

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Michele: Mother & Kitchen Supervisor for MHCD

Meet Michele, a successful adult, running the kitchen at 2 Succeed, a program of MHCD (Mental Health Centers of Denver). But in the late 70’s, during her teenage years, Michele was a run away, living on the streets or at interim placements until she found herself in juvenile hall and eventually was placed with Third Way Center.

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Sean: Business Administration Student

Sean has been waiting his whole life to fit. Being 6'9'' it's hard for Sean to fit into clothing, a bed; fit his knees under a desk. He was removed from his home at age 5 and has had to learn to fit in at a different home or treatment center nearly every year since. Now, at age 20, living in a Third Way Center foster home Sean is learning what most of us know by a very young age, how to exist in a family unit. He's found a woman he's chosen to call mom and peers he can interact with as brothers. He's found a family where he belongs.

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Will: Computer Science Major

Will believes that much of his current success is due to the Third Way Center staff who didn’t give up on him, no matter what happened or how many times he “screwed up.” He believes that the skills he acquired at Third Way Center have truly enabled him to become a successful and productive member of society.

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