What We Do

Overview of Our Program

Third Way Center provides traumatized teens with truth in the form of accurate assessment and diagnosis, as well as hope through individual, family and group therapy, education, vocational training, parenting skills training, after care and emancipation programs, and more.

At Third Way Center, teens receive round the clock mental health treatment in a residential setting where they are given the stability and attention they need from our experienced staff. We have 120 full time staff and 40 part-time staff including state-licensed Master Level Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, and more than 25 educational staff. Combined, our five licensed Residential Child Care Facilities (RCCFs) are capable of serving up to 119 teens and 12 babies at one time. The average length of stay for teens at Third Way Center is approximately 7.5 months.

Our programs have a 71% success rate in treating teenagers who have been unsuccessful in up to 30 other foster homes, treatment programs, failed adoptions and youth correction settings. We successfully break the cycle of intergenerational abuse by empowering traumatized teens to become successful adults and productive members of the community. 



Third Way Center's Fact Sheet & Continuum of Services

Learn more about our Continuum of Services and all of the facilities at Third Way Center.

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