After Care & Emancipation Programs

Next Steps

Next Steps is a community-based program for up to 15 youth, 18 or older who still need supervision and assistance after emancipating from our Residential Child Care Facilities (RCCF).

Youth in Next Steps have either moved into their own apartments or moved home with parents or relatives. We help them find stable housing, furnish new apartments, and find jobs. We also provide the support they need to help them establish healthy routines.

Jefferson County Emancipation Foster Home

The Jefferson County Emancipation House is a Foster Home, with a live in foster family, serving 4 male youth. Unlike other foster home situations, the goal is to house young teenage boys, ages 16-18, who are in need of life skills training prior to emancipation to the community. Because of our reputation of success over the past 42 years, Jefferson County sought the expertise of our leadership to form this program.


Learn more about Megan Carroll

Megan Carroll is the Treatment Leader for our Next Steps program.

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