Young Professionals Board

The Third Way Young Professionals Board was created in 2014 as a means to introduce young thought and business leaders in the Denver community to the work of Third Way. The board hosts year round events that benefit Third Way including their annual event Hope on the Range. They also volunteer their time to adopt one of the Third Way Center facilities. The goal of the group is to help support the development efforts of Third Way, and teach Young Professionals what it means to be part of a board and play an active role in the workings of a nonprofit organization.



  • Kathryn Bartic - Co-Chair
  • Jenee Rick - Co-Chair
  • Cache Caldis - Secretary
  • Christine Muggee - Treasurer
  • Ruth Bruno
  • Meg Everett
  • Jordan Finegan
  • Carly Jones
  • Lawson Mischer
  • Winter Wall
  • Margaux Williamson
  • Becca Walker
  • Ariana Tara
  • Sarah King
  • Jaydin Thiel

Accreditations & Affiliations