Lincoln St. Apartment Renovation

The Teenagers Living at Lincoln Need Your Support

The Lincoln St. Apartment Building at Third Way Center is one of the last stops in our continuum of care for the troubled and traumatized youth we serve.  We offer full therapeutic treatment as well as a heavy focus on life skills training, self- advocacy skills, acquiring jobs skills and access to educational programs.  Teens learn to live independently in their own apartment unit, receiving stipends to pay rent, shop for food, and clean and maintain their apartments.

Our Lincoln St. Facility houses up to 23 teens and 4 babies at any given time, and we typically treat between 50 and 60 clients through Lincoln annually.  Our overall success rate is over 70%, compared to the industry average of 40%.   

This apartment building was built in 1906 and now in need of major capital updates to be a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment for our youth as they transition back into our communities.  The apartments are beyond outdated, depressing, and very inefficient.  Showers are leaking and often broken, paint is dirty, peeling off the walls and mismatched all over the building.  Much of the furniture has been donated or collected from second-hand stores and falling apart.  The time and maintenance expense our agency puts into this building has become inefficient and not sustainable.  Updating this building will allow us to focus more on the treatment and programming that saves these teens’ lives.  Not only do these apartments need to be suitable for the residents, but we need them to withstand the constant turnover and wear and tear that 25 teenagers put on a living space.

The Teenagers Living at Lincoln St. Need Your Support

We ask for your help in accomplishing the goal of making our Lincoln St. Apartment Building safer and more sustainable for the future so these teens can avoid distractions as they prepare to emancipate and start their lives anew. In reality, the long-term benefits of this project go far beyond the brick and mortar of the facility.  Every resident who emerges from Third Way Center, and these apartments, will be in a far better position to contribute to their communities, and in their own ways, make Colorado stronger.

What Do Our Apartments Need?

  • $30,000 replaces the flooring for 2 floors of our building
  • $16,430 renovates 1 entire individual apartment
  • $8,000 will renovates our learning apartment where we hose cooking and cleaning classes, as well as group therapy and family meetings
  • $5,875 upgrades the bathroom of one one of our apartments
  • $3,066 supplies safe, sustainable furniture for one of our apartments
  • $5,000 provides new kitchen appliances, counters, and cabinets for one of our apartments
  • $1,000 re-paints an apartment 


Give to the Lincoln St. Apartment Renovation Project

Your generosity and support will allow us to make our Lincoln St. Apartment Building a more safe and comfortable living environment for the Youth of Third Way Center while they are on their way to building better lives for themselves and their future families.

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