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Last week we gave you a sneak peek into the making of our featured live auction item, the “Reflections of True Grit” mirrored mosaic horse sculpture. In addition to being the featured item in our live auction, the mirrored mosaic horse sculpture symbolizes the past 25 years of celebrating the “true grit” and determination of our youth.

The “Reflections of True Grit” sculpture is a replica of the “Reflections of Love” sculptures located in Amarillo, Texas. Texas Artist, Jill Wyatt Marshall agreed to make another sculpture specifically for Third Way Center’s annual fundraising event. As the planning process began, our Development Team wanted to emphasize the importance of the 25th anniversary of True Grit by asking our supporters to remember the past 25 years of success in order to continue to provide hope for the future. From this, and the desire to incorporate silver, came the theme “Reflections”.  

Third Way Center’s Development and Communications Manager, Peyton Bivins, explains that the idea to use this piece of art as the symbol of the 25th Anniversary of True Grit is actually how we came up with the theme of ‘Reflections’, “I immediately thought of the Jill’s sculpture in Amarillo and loved the idea of using it as the symbol or centerpiece of the event”. Being an Amarillo native, Peyton and her family reached out to Jill Wyatt Marshall to see if it would even be possible to have another sculpture made and after several weeks of discussion, what seemed to be a long shot become reality. The horse is currently in progress and will travel from Texas to Colorado in the coming weeks.


Over the past month, Jill Wyatt Marshall has been documenting her progress on the mirrored mosaic horse she calls, "Denver"



For more information on the “Reflections of True Grit” Mirrored Mosaic Horse please contact us by emailing

*The picture of above was taken of the original “Reflections of Love” Horses in Amarillo, Texas. Third Way Center will only be offering the larger horse as a live auction item.

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