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March Mentor of the Month: Meet Patrick George

Patrick began working with the Mentor Program in May of 2015. He originally hails from outside of Boston and has been in Denver for three years. He currently lives downtown and works in group insurance sales. He enjoys all the outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer as well as watching and playing sports. Patrick also really enjoys spending time with his mentee.

Patrick’s girlfriend used to work for Third Way Center as a counselor which is how he got connected with the organization. He was looking to get involved with a mentor program and she encouraged him to partner with one of our youth which was a perfect fit.

Patrick says, “I was fortunate enough to have an upbringing where my parents were always there for me. I wanted to give back to a child that needed someone to be there for them and to spend time with them.” Patrick is a great role model and we are very thankful to have him in our program. Patrick understands how important it is for adults to embrace the challenges people have to face. “You never know what someone is going through and why they act the way they do.” He has learned a valuable lesson and that is no one can do it alone and everyone needs help in one way or another.

He encourages those thinking about getting involved as a mentor to do so. There are kids at Third Way Center that would love to have a mentor. “I have kids come up and ask me why I am here. I tell them I am a mentor.” The kids all say they wished they had a mentor too.

We appreciate Patrick taking a little bit of his time each week to work as a mentor. We hope that not only it’s changing his mentee’s life but it is help transforming his own as well. Thank you Patrick for all you do.

Mentor of the Month is brought to you by Chili’s Bar and Grill on Monaco. Each mentor received a gift card as a small token of appreciation.

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