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Lessons In Hope: Brendan

"At Third Way they asked what happened to put me in this scenario." - Brendan


  Audience members at this year's True Grit were blown away by the remarkable story of Brendan, a former Third Way Center resident turned successful Denver Metro Realtor. We contacted Brendan over the summer and asked if he would share his journey at the event and on film.

Working with Director Annie Eastman, Brendan was able to recount his life before, during, and after Third Way Center. During one of the shoots, Brendan experienced a sense of closure and a flood of emotions as he stepped foot into his old room at the Lincoln Apartments, a place he hadn't been in almost 20 years. Here Brendan recalled how as a teen he could have never imagined a life outside of these walls, or a path that would take him where he is today. 


"Third Way Center was created for kids who are really at the end of the line."

- Hildegard Messenbaugh

Prior to entering our program, Brendan was like many of the hundreds of teens Third Way Center helps annually. Like countless others, he experienced abuse from an alcoholic father and attempted to escape by lashing out. Brendan turned to planning and committing crime, and soon found himself in the incarcerated. While imprisoned he was surrounded by other teens with similar stories. There  they believed being locked up to be a more stable environment than their own abusive households.

Thankfully Brendan was referred to Third Way Center, where he was given the tools to understand the truth about the trauma he endured at young age and was given the hope for a brighter future.

Upon emancipating out of our program Brendan went on to join the US Army where served multiple tours in Iraq and Kuwait. He is now a successful Realtor and avid supporter of Third Way Center's mission to offer truth and hope to high risk, mentally ill, disadvantaged and often homeless adolescents, and their families.


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