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July Volunteer Spotlight

This month, Third Way Center would like to thank and highlight the work done by the volunteer group from Crowe GHP Horwath. For more than ten years, Crowe GHP Horwath has participated in Give Back Day, a day where the office closes and employees are given the opportunity to submerse themselves into the community and give back to nonprofit organizations.

We had the opportunity to catch up with this month’s volunteer group to learn more about its history with Third Way Center as well as this year’s work on Give Back Day.

Tell us a little about yourselves individually and/or as an organization?

Founded in 1948, Crowe GHP Horwath offers the service and accessibility of a smaller boutique firm, yet the depth and breadth of expertise of a national accounting firm. We provide tax, audit, risk and advisory services.

Nadine Pietrowski is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer and a senior principal in the audit services group at Crowe Horwath. She has more than 25 years of audit experience and is a certified public accountant (CPA) registered in Colorado, New York, Washington and California.

Community refers to much more than just the town in which you reside, and we take this philosophy seriously. Community involvement is a core pillar of the Crowe GHP Horwath infrastructure and so for over a decade, we have participated in a company Give Back Day. The firm closes for the day so that everyone can devote time to local charities. Third Way Center has not only been a client for more than 30 years, but an organization we frequently support during our Give Back Day.

How does your team hope to make a difference at Third Way Center?

We really aspire to live what we preach and constantly be in the community to support our city in whatever way we can. Third Way Center does so much for the high risk, mentally ill and disadvantaged teens and families in Denver, and we are happy to give our time in order to help keep the organization a warm and welcoming place for families and children to come to and feel secure.

Tell us about your recent volunteer project with us for Give Back Day.

Crowe GHP Horwath volunteers helped clean the Third Way Center facility with gardening work, a garage clean-out and a painting project as well. We are always proud to help in any capacity, as we know that all volunteer efforts support Third Way Center’s mission. In this case, a clean facility can help to improve the organization’s operations!

How would you encourage others who wish to give back to the community to become a volunteer for Third Way Center?

We recommend organizing a group outing: the more hands the better! It is very gratifying for all of us to give back our time and actually see results at the end of our volunteer hours. When there is a group of us going together, it really strengthens the fabric of what we can do in a day. We encourage others to do the same with their coworkers and go to the center to experience firsthand what they have to offer to teens and families around the Denver area. Every time we go, we leave knowing that what Third Way Center is actively doing for the community is meaningful and impactful in every way, and it keeps us wanting to return over and over again.


For more information on Crowe GHP Horwath and its community involvement check out its website by clicking the logo below.

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