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January's Behind the Desk

Welcome to our first look into “Behind the Desk.” We will be highlighting a Third Way Center employee each month and to start our year off right we are introducing RobbieLee Coleman. RobbieLee started out as an office manager at our York House in 2010. She has since moved into the role of Billing Specialist at our Administration Office. She wears many hats, but is mainly in charge of billing outside providers for services provided to our youth while in our care.

RobbieLee is an open-minded and super creative individual. She loves to try new things that challenge her physically and mentally. She enjoys painting, creating, sewing, snowboarding, swing dancing, and volunteering. She loves to set goals for herself and strives to learn as much as she can. She has been a member of the Denver Roller Dolls and owns The Roblin Shop where she creates wonderful and unique clothing and accessories for adults and children.

In light of January being Mentor Month RobbieLee wanted to encourage those thinking about becoming a mentor with Third Way Center, “Your time really does make a difference. Just like every vote counts, your time spent with our clients can change lives.” She encourages those in our community to make an impact on someone just by being there and being authentic. She understands the importance of a strong role model and how a mentoring relationship can be mutually beneficial to both parties.

RobbieLee says, “No matter where we are in life, we need to do our best with what we have, challenge ourselves every chance that we can and keep moving forward. Work hard and the payoff will be worth it.” We are so thankful to say that RobbieLee is part of our team at Third Way Center and are so grateful for her dedication and smiling face. 

Accreditations & Affiliations

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