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February Volunteer Spotlight

Rhiannon is a Colorado native who doesn’t like to ski! (GASP!) She loves to garden, travel, read, and watch movies. She has one child, a beautiful and obstinate dog, who has taught her more about herself than she cared to know. She is a paralegal at an insurance company where she has worked for over 10 years.

Rhiannon became involved with Third Way Center in January of 2015 through Impact Denver, a Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce civic engagement and leadership program. As part of the program nonprofit organizations submit proposals for projects they would like assistance on and the program participants pick a nonprofit/project. Rhiannon’s group chose Third Way Center. Since then Rhiannon has joined our Young Professionals Board, a group of highly motivated and educated young professionals that raise awareness and fundraising for TWC.

Rhiannon’s bachelor’s degree is in psychology and her original career goal was to be a child psychologist. Over time she discovered that it would be too difficult to be dispassionate about her work considering her strong empathetic nature. Coming to this realization she felt her involvement in psychology would have to change. When she worked with Impact Denver she became engaged with Jan Hubert, Chief Development Officer and found Jan’s enthusiasm was infectious. Rhiannon soon found her passion for child psychology rekindled and a new way to contribute to the field. “Third Way Center works with adolescents, a group that I feel needs the most help but has the least amount of resources available to them. They have experienced trauma, but with help these adolescents can still thrive.”

Rhiannon says her family has seen its fair share of mental illness and addiction. She has learned that we all need help sometimes and that it is isolating when you don’t know how to ask for help or worse, have no one to ask.  She hopes to help raise awareness for what Third Way Center is trying to accomplish and get others involved in the mission. She believes it’s a mutually beneficial relationship that exists between organizations like TWC and the people who volunteer for them, both come out better on the other side.

We are so thankful for Rhiannon and her contagious smile, sense of humor, and her energy to get the job done. She has been an amazing addition to our Young Professionals Board!

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight is sponsored by Pandora on the Hill.

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