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Febraury Mentor of the Month: Angela Humphrey

Angela is an Indiana native, and also lived in Tennessee and California before moving to Boulder, CO in 2009. She just made the move down to Denver in April 2015 and loves it! She has a residential gardening business in the warmer months and works for a courier service in the winter. Angela is very passionate about social justice issues such as race equality, homelessness, mental wellness, and education equality. Besides gardening she enjoys singing and making music, writing, and making visual art.

Angela first came to Third Way Center in July of 2015 after seeing an advertisement for the mentor program and thought it would be a great way to get involved in the community.

Angela is no stranger to being a mentor. She has been a mentor in California where she mentored an elementary aged girl for two years. Around that same time she was also mentoring a 16 year old girl whose family was dealing with substance abuse issues. She has spent a great deal of time working with children of all ages and finds that not only is it a lot of fun but she learns a lot about herself.

When asked what life experiences have influenced you the most Angela replied, “I have found that in friendships, much like relationships, people want to be heard. So in mentoring I make sure I’m available to listen. Also, I don’t push my own agenda onto my friends or mentee. I allow them to come to their own conclusions, while encouraging healthy and responsible actions.

Angela encourages anyone who can give just an hour a week to volunteer as a mentor. “I believe it takes many adults in children’s lives to give them a broad perspective of everyday life, society, human relationships, and the global community.” She enjoys listening and learning from a young person’s perspective, especially those who have struggled at an early age. “I would like to thank Third Way Center for their dedication to young people who are struggling through this life, and for allowing me to spend time with my awesome mentee.”

Thank you Angela for being so giving of yourself to help make a difference in the lives of our youth. We simply could not do what we do without strong community members like Angela!

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