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AMP the Cause Community Day 2017

Each year, AMP the Cause, a Denver-based nonprofit organization, recruits nearly 1,000 volunteers who dedicate six hours of their Saturday to helping local organizations make capital improvements to their facilities. The efforts brought forth by the generous volunteers include labor, supplies and monetary donations that allow the improvements, which are so desperately needed by these organizations, to be made possible.

This year, Third Way Center was fortunate enough to have been chosen as a beneficiary of AMP the Cause Community Day 2017.  Over the weekend, volunteers from Great-West Financial and Empower Retirement made incredible improvements to Third Way Center’s Bannock House. The project included cleaning and replanting the garden beds around the facility, planting culinary gardens in the raised garden beds, sanding and re-finishing the teak furniture on our outdoor patio and assisting with a facility wide cleanup. The volunteers who devoted their time and energy to making these improvements were truly one of a kind. The Bannock facility looks absolutely amazing and will be greatly appreciated by the residents throughout the summer.

We would like to thank AMP the Cause as well as Great-West Financial and Empower Retirement for everything they did for Third Way Center this past Saturday. The generosity of those who volunteer is a vital component of providing Third Way Center Residents with a positive living environment. We are honored to have been chosen as a beneficiary of Community Day 2017.

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