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Third Way Center Houses

Third Way Center has 5 licensed houses, called Residential Child Care Facilities (RCCFs), where youth live. All RCCFs are located in the Denver Metro Area.

While living in our home-like RCCFs youth receive intense mental health treatment including individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions and special issues group sessions. Youth also learn crucial independent living skills.

Once accurately diagnosed and progressing in their therapy, youth move from house to house, following a natural progression through our continuum of services.

Lowry Campus

Lowry Campus is made up of 4 ranch style houses — Hope Place, Sprout House, Larrk House and Mae’s House. Each house can serve 8 co-ed youth at a time. Currently, we serve 24 youth with capacity to serve a total of 32 youth on the campus.

Youth living on the Lowry Campus are the most emotionally and behaviorally troubled youth at Third Way Center. It is a staff-secure campus with a strong focus on proper mental health diagnostics and assessments offering a high level of stabilization for youth when they need it most.

Campus Highlights:
  • Private rooms 
  • On-campus basketball court 
  • Organic diet 
  • Aromatherapy 
  • State-approved alternative high school, The Joan Farley Academy at Lowry 
  • Fitness Center, The Gym at Lowry 

York House

York House is our flagship facility. It is home to 16 co-ed youth. York remains highly structured in the mental health services but offers more freedom and off-site activities for youth.

Pontiac House

Pontiac House is home to 16 male youth. Pontiac remains highly structured in the mental health services but offers more freedom and off-site activities for youth.

Bannock House

Bannock House is home to 13 female youth and up to 9 babies. This program is an all girls house and includes the Teen Mother's Program that is well-known for its success in treating teen mothers and their babies. In fact, it is the only program of its kind in the state.

Lincoln Street Supervised Apartments

Lincoln Street Supervised Apartments is home to 23 co-ed youth and up to 3 babies. Recognized by The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) as a national model treatment program for homeless youth, this program offers youth a chance to practice apartment living while still receiving all of the treatment, support and structure that Third Way Center provides.

Youth living in this program must be at least 16 ½ years old, they need to be in school and/or working, and they must complete a 16 week independent living course.