Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit

A Colorado State income tax credit is available to Third Way Center donors who give through the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit. Colorado offers this tax credit for the purpose of promoting child care activities throughout the state.

In most cases, 50% of your calendar year contribution can be used.

For example, after State and Federal tax savings the net cost of your $1,000 contribution to Third Way Center could be just $327.

Contribution amount                                  $1000

Colorado Income Tax Credit                       $500*  

Federal & State Income Tax Deduction       $673


Net Cost of the Gift                                     $327


Please call our Development Office for more information: 303. 780.9191, Ext 413


*Example based on 28% tax bracket. Please consult your tax advisor for specific information about how your gift will impact your personal tax liability and how you can benefit from the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit.

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